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February 16, 2008
Print Ted Kooser's Valentine Poems - the former Poet Laureate has been penning V Day verses for the past 20 years.
December 16, 2007
Music New Magnetic Fields Song - "California Girls" from the upcoming Distortion disc.
December 14, 2007
Music thesixtyone - Interesting music "discovery" system. Not sure how well it will actually work, but if the interface is any indication, it has a good shot. Very slick.
December 8, 2007
Film I'm Not There - Jon Brooks on the new Todd Haynes film.
December 5, 2007
Music Top 100 Indie Albums - List-lovers take note: Here's some food for thought from Blender (and some commentary from John Sellers). How many do you own?
December 4, 2007
Music Starstruck - This 1982 Gillian Armstrong film is on cable this month and the songs are more than worth enduring the kitschy plot. Still great 25 years later.
Film The King of Kong - the most suspenseful movie I've seen in a long time -- a real nail-biter. DVD on Jan. 29.
November 26, 2007
Tech Desert Bus for Hope - Playing the most boring video game in history, all for charity. This is pretty awesome.
Tech Passing by - cool video site for armchair travelers.
Print 100 Notable Books of the Year - from The New York Times.
November 21, 2007
Tech Chain Factor - a nice number-based tile game with a lot of replay value.
November 17, 2007
Print With Mustache, Without Arrow - funnyman Steve Martin has a couple of books coming out this year.
November 13, 2007
TV LARPs on Film - Darkon debuts this week on IFC.
Misc Ira Glass - Jesse Thorn interviews the creator of This American Life.
Film I Want To See That! - get a group together to see new movies.
November 6, 2007
Misc Scott Heiferman: "calling" - nice rant on head-shakingly sad marketing.
October 26, 2007
Tech X-COM: UFO Defense - download a really classic turn-based strategy game. (Win only.)
October 18, 2007
Film He Said/She Said - Two nugget authors start a movie-review site and look at Lars and the Real Girl, the new Ryan Gosling movie.
October 17, 2007
Misc The Back-Up - "It's the smartest money you'll spend in your life." [via MeFi]
Tech Pacemaker - this little DJ gadget looks pretty awesome.
December 19, 2006
Food Groove Truffles - music history through chocolate sounds amazing.
Misc I Like Ur Art - Saatchi creates a MySpace knockoff for artists.
December 18, 2006
Misc Kozyndan documentary - nice 20-minute film about the illustrating couple known for epic, absurd panoramas and some lovely album artwork.
December 13, 2006
Misc Is it just me - or is this December turning out to be a really dark month? I'd never met Leslie, but I knew her work. She'll be greatly missed.
December 11, 2006
Misc Year in Ideas - the always fascinating list from The New York Times.
December 10, 2006
Misc It's that time again - Rex (Fimoculous) Sorgatz is compiling one list to rule them all.
December 7, 2006
Food Serious Eats - nice new site from Ed Levine and company, featuring great video content and food-blog aggregation
June 25, 2006
Food Chowhound Redesigns - all hail the new C|Net overlords.
April 19, 2006
Print Tehano - Alan Wier's epic novel is finally out, orginally reviewed here as Cloud of Witnesses.
April 18, 2006
Music The Streets - new disc streaming on myspace.
April 17, 2006
TV Neptune Navigator - fan-writ Veronica Mars "newspaper" on LJ.
April 16, 2006
Music Sid N Susie - Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs album, streaming for your pleasure.
April 10, 2006
Music Showtunes - by Stephen Merritt
TV Gilmore Girls - season finale w/Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, Joe Pernice, and Sparks. Wha???
Music Van Hunt - sophomore album, sounds funky.
Music Gnarls Barkley - nice song
April 1, 2006
March 30, 2006
TV A Sad Development - they've made a terrible mistake.
January 31, 2005
Film Tony Takatani - a Murakami story is adapted to the screen
January 21, 2005
January 13, 2005
Music Tim Booth - the lead singer from James puts out a solo album
Print JPG - Heather and Derek's magazine is out
December 9, 2004
November 28, 2004
Film Math in the Movies - I think they may have omitted Rushmore
Misc Froogle Shopping Lists - public and private wishlists, courtesy of Google, just in time for the holidays
Tech jay is - cool blog on gaming, with emphasis on Flash
Misc Nothing Wrong - amazing art installation of color-sorted used books
Tech eBay Pulse - buzz data from the world of auctions
November 10, 2004
Film Sideways - a great, great film. See it.
November 2, 2004
Food CHOW - a new food mag is added to the menu
Film Incredibles Merch - it does seem like a pretty amazing tie-in blitz
October 21, 2004
Music A Christmas Song - from the Long Winters
Food 2004 Restaurant Guide - from Gourmet magazine
October 13, 2004
Music CMJ Music Marathon - the annual NYC showcase starts today and KEXP has been having some great live sets.
Tech Prisoner's Dilemma - new strategies for an old game
October 12, 2004
Music Free Captain Sensible... - ...mp3 of "Wot!" courtesy of Silence is a Rhythm Two
October 11, 2004
Music Frank Black Francis - Frank Black revisits some Pixies songs.
October 10, 2004
Print Chris Ware - a new monograph is available from Yale University Press
October 9, 2004
Food Award Winning Grilled Cheese - with mango salsa. mmmmm.
Tech Katamari Damacy - cool-looking, yet bizarre, rolling ball of junk game.
Print Going Postal - Cory gushes over the new Terry Pratchett book
Tech Bioshock - upcoming game from the makers of the excellent System Shock.
October 8, 2004
Music Ray Lamontagne - sounds good. Appearing in Seattle tonight.
Misc Mighty Goods - this aptly named blog offers shopping nuggets.
October 7, 2004
Print Poetry Starts Spending Some Coin - doling out $100 million isn't easy
October 5, 2004
Print Litquake - the SF lit festival is coming, bigger and betterer this year
September 27, 2004
Music Crooked Rain x 4 - Pitchfork reports that Pavement's classic is getting special treatment for its 10th anniversary
September 24, 2004
Music Kleptones Breakdown - Andy Baio is listing the sources for "A Night at the Hip-Hopera," the amazing mashup set that he's also mirroring while the Kleptones recharge their bandwith mojo
September 22, 2004
Print Booker Prize - the short list has been announced
Tech Yahoo Buzz - they've gone to a full-blown blog format on their front page, and added an RSS feed
TV Mr. Show - the fourth season is out on DVD
September 20, 2004
Tech Wings of War - new WWI flying game reminds me of one of my childhood favorites, Ace of Aces - a playable demo is now available
Food Periodic Table of Candy - stuff you can't eat on the South Beach diet; they've cruelly omitted Vc (Violet Crumble)... mmmm.
TV Radosh on Borat - in The New Yorker
TV Ali G - Slate profiles his methods of deception
Film Another Trailer - for The Incredibles, which you can see before its release date if you make a donation to 826 Valencia, Dave Eggers' SF-based writing center for kids
September 19, 2004
Music A Night at the Hip-Hopera - a great Kleptones mashup featuring Queen and a bunch of pop-cult dialogue, on par with 2 Many DJs
Film The Incredibles - trailers are online, look great
Print JPG - Heather and Derek unveil the details of their photo magazine
September 18, 2004
Film End of the Century - a doc about the Ramones
Music Johnny Ramone - rest in peace
Food The Post Punk Kitchen - public-access cooking show straight outta Brooklyn (with a kick-ass theme song)
September 17, 2004
Film John C. Reilly - interviewed in the A.V. Club
Music I Will Survive - the Russians love Gloria Gaynor, apparently, and who doesn't, really?
September 16, 2004
Tech Weboggle - addictive online wordgame
September 14, 2004
Food 30-Minute Meals - William Grimes wants 1-star dining at home, and pronto
TV Parking Lot - enjoyed seeing the premiere last night, which offered Michael Jackson fans in their own inimitable words. The show comes from the creators of Heavy Metal Parking Lot and airs on Trio, a network I'm starting to like a lot, despite the fact it's facing extinction
September 13, 2004
Food Bittman on NPR - Melissa Block talks to Mark Bittman about simple cooking
Print Author Photos - I Love Books thread on author imagery [via bookslut]
September 10, 2004
Food Cooking for Engineers - for the analytically minded chef, with very cool recipe charts
September 9, 2004
Print Live at the Apollo - a 33 1/3 edition by lacunae's Douglas Wolk
September 8, 2004
Music Last Plane to Jakarta - updates its fleet to Movable Type, complete with RSS feeds
Music 3 Great Covers - of Modest Mouse, the Beach Boys, and U2. Do not miss these.
September 6, 2004
Film TiVo + Netflix - get your movies via broadband
Misc Vote or Not - $100k sweepstakes for registered voters
September 5, 2004
Film Interrotron - fascinating Errol Morris machine for interviewing subjects and getting them to look straight into the camera [via pullquote]
Misc Billionaires For Bush - spearheaded by the fabulously wealthy author of Daily Afflictions
September 4, 2004
TV Video Game Revolution - the site behind the PBS show [via waxy]
September 3, 2004
Music The Bad Plus - been hearing a lot about these jazzbo cover dudes lately
Music T. Rex - "Baby Boomerang" covered by The Shins
Tech SFist - a San Francisco blog from the makers of gothamist. (Don't let the masthead confuse you, I am not married to the executive editor.)
September 2, 2004
Music Future Soundtrack for America - good stuff from Long Winters, Mike Doughty, Elliott Smith, et. al.
Misc Pet Drawings - from Sleater-Kinney fans
Food Twinkie Sushi - sacrilicious. [via waxy]
September 1, 2004
Tech iTunes Affiliate Program - who knows, maybe the Nugget will become a member
Print The Vendor Chronicles - ballpark briefs from Dan Hoyle
Music In the World of HIm - new Sally Timms record coming in two weeks
August 31, 2004
Print Stephen Elliott - at the Republican National Convention
Tech Movable Type 3.1 - new version of the software that runs this site
TV Lots of Great 80s Commercials - where's Happy Fun Ball? Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.
August 30, 2004
Music The Recent History of Rock - PopMatters is going through the 21st Century, release by release
Music Rubber Factory - Epitaph streams the new Black Keys record [props to lhb]
Print Booker Blog - dedicated to the UK lit prize [via bookslut]
August 29, 2004
Print Fall Books - from the SF Chronicle [via lhb]
Tech Fimoculous - Olympics over. Rex back.
Film Stacy Peralta - interviewed on Elvis Mitchell's The Treatment
Misc Yellow Fever - Rob Walker on "Live Strong" bracelets
Food Math is Chard - Alice Waters wants to weave food into the high school curriculum
August 28, 2004
Print kottke reads gatsby - everyone should read it once a year
Film Red Alert - brilliantly funny stuff from zefrank
August 27, 2004
Food The Middle Eats - baba ganouj blog
August 26, 2004
Misc A President and His Dog - didn't I already read this in The Onion?
Music Court and Spark - SFGate talks up their new album
Print Wild Type - I love new magazines
Misc Ray Caesar - cool art [via bb]
Music Twilight Singers - two covers (Blige and Bjork) from their upcoming record, She Loves You
Print Miroslav Sasek - artist behind the "This is..." kids books
TV K Street - available on DVD, reviewed by sippey
Misc How to Fold a Shirt - she's good
Food One-Pot Meals - rice, potatoes, pasta -- from eartheasy
Music Cool Speakers - limited edition woofers available at Kid Robot
August 25, 2004
Music iron and wine - live sets, bonus tracks, etc.
August 24, 2004
Print The 33 1/3 Series - there are now more than two dozen to choose from
Tech AtariAge - cool vintage gaming site
Print Opening Hooks - a database of first lines
TV Kerry on the Daily Show - a much better choice for an interview than, say, Da Ali G Show
Film Royal Tenenbaums' World of Futura - typography in the Wes Anderson film
August 23, 2004
TV Cult Television - from the BBC
August 13, 2004
Music Mix Tapes - don't get the girl
Food Julia Child - we've lost a great chef and author
August 12, 2004
Misc Vintage Ads - remixed, at Worth1000
Print Francisco Goldman - interviewed by Susan Choi in The Believer
Print Poet Laureate - they've given Ted Kooser the nod. Very cool.
August 11, 2004
Music The Stairway Suite - "Stairway to Heaven" in the style of Beethoven, Schubert, et. al [via waxy]
Misc Collagemania - blog dedicated to the art of assemblage
Music The Streets, Dizzee Rascal - by SF/J in the New Yorker
TV Booknotes - the long-running C-SPAN show is getting taken out of circulation
Print Donald Justice RIP - we've lost a poet
August 10, 2004
Misc Gypsy Boots RIP - inspired the classic song "Nature Boy"
Music MP3 Blogger Roundtable - in The Morning News
Food eGullet Goes Non-Profit - here's the announcement
August 9, 2004
Music Animal Collective - reviewed by George Chen
Music Last Plane to Jakarta - now, with user forums
Film Docs on the Horizon - Blogumentary, The Joystick Generation, et. al.
Misc eboy - subject of a recent nugget, recently updated
Print Celebrity Novels - movie stars go from lens to pens
August 8, 2004
Film 100 Overlooked Films of the 1990s - the Nugget didn't overlook Safe, The Sweet Hereafter, In the Company of Men, or Joe Versus the Volcano, to name just a few
Tech NPR - get Fresh Air and more via RSS
Misc 144 Billion - how we could have spent the money we used to liberate Iraq
August 6, 2004
Music Creep - cool animation of the Radiohead track
July 31, 2004
Food Shopsin's Menu - complete culinary insanity [pdf]
Film Garden State - Zach Braff's film blog
Tech The Smaller Picture - creating fonts by consensus
Music The Problem With Music - by Steve Albini, from The Baffler
Print A William Maxwell Portrait - essays remembering a great writer
July 30, 2004
Film Donnie Darko - Salon explains the film in layman's terms
Tech Electronics Blogcast - is syndicating Engadget and Gizmodo
Music Dirty South - reviewed in The New Yorker
Music Flavor of the South - Mike Cooley of the Drive-By Truckers in the Winston-Salem Journal
July 29, 2004
Print Make - magazine coming in 2005 about DIY tech
Print Amazing Rain - new book from Sam Brown of Exploding Dog
July 28, 2004
Misc Transporation Futuristics - planes, trains, automobiles, and monorails!
Tech JibJab - congrats to the jibjabbers, who've really hit the big time with their latest, "This Land"
July 27, 2004
TV Crossballs - rumor is members of Kasper Hauser will appear on tonight's show
Misc Top 100s - books, film, tv, music, people, etc.
Tech Wordcount - great visual survey of the English language
TV The Prisoner - playing now on BBC America
Misc Patton Oswalt - archived audio of his interview on Fresh Air
July 22, 2004
Print Speedology - Speed Levitch's book on New York; and here's a short film he did with Richard Linklater last year
Music Merge Records - for their 15-year anniversary they have a compilation and a series of shows in Chapel Hill
Music Best Shatner - sublimely ridiculous cover of Pulp's common people (w/Joe Jackson)
Film More Shatner - Kirk has a paintball movie ("Set your DVD players to stun!" -- actual promotional copy)
Tech Shatner - Kirk has a weblog
July 21, 2004
Tech Webnote - an online tool for taking notes
Misc Spamusement - cartoons derived from subject lines of spam
Food Back of the House - restaurant kitchen photo essay [via saute wed]
July 19, 2004
Print John Cheever - a dozen stories read aloud, some by Cheever himself; you can also download it from iTunes
Misc Box Doodles - cool art bits on found canvases
Music Elliott Smith - the Times on his final recordings
July 18, 2004
Music Glastonbury - Badly Drawn Boy's diary of the festival
Tech Dance Voldo Dance - videogame characters dance to Nelly; a must-see for fans of Soul Calibur
Tech A.I. Web Game - behind the scenes of the ground-breaking A.I. online scavenger hunt
July 16, 2004
TV Entourage - a new show with, egads, an original premise; gotta love HBO
July 15, 2004
Tech CopyEditor Plugin - interesting proposal from Matt Haughey (see today's nugget) about group edit permissions across web applications
TV Ali G - interviewed in the NYT
Film DVD Releases - of note: The Barbarian Invasions, The Dreamers, the original Manchurian Candidate
Print Field Tested Books - Coudal's charmingly brief reviews of vacation reading
Print Jim DeRogatis - the Chicago music writer interviewed at mediabistro
Music Best Songs 2004 - from NPR's All Songs Considered
July 14, 2004
Music Golden Apples of The Sun - streaming compilation features Joanna Newsom, Iron & Wine, and others [via waxy]
Tech Flickr - they keep adding kick-ass new features; a color meme is making the rounds; would everyone on the Internet please join Flickr now
July 13, 2004
Print Words Without Borders - international literature zine
Misc Jesco White - discusses the high price of notoriety
Misc Mutants - Mark Mothersbaugh does weird shit with old photos [via BB]
July 12, 2004
Print Pablo Neruda - the 100th anniversary of the poet's birth is celebrated today; audio from NPR,
Food It's Official - Nigella Lawson weirds me out
Print New Discoveries in Ghosts - a Harper's article from 1852
Music Tuesday Releases - The Roots, The Fiery Furnaces, United States of America (re-issue), They Might Be Giants, Joan Armatrading, and Lt. Uhura
Music Call and Response - new album, tour, glowing reviews
Food Bourdain Cookbook - coming this fall
Print Graphic Novels - Times magazine piece on Ware, Sacco, Tomine, Speigelman, et. al. (with audio)
July 11, 2004
Film shorts - some nice films from ruben fleischer, including one for the girls guitar club; plus he's got videos
Misc Bob Peak - a tribute to his classic movie poster art
Music U Saved Me - John Darnielle on R Kelly's new single
Misc Air Guitar - is it a sport or an art?
Misc More Coogan - seems he can behave badly in real life, too
Music Protest Music - Annalee Newitz on mash-ups
July 10, 2004
Tech Remail - IBM Research thinks about email
Music John Peel mp3s - sessions from The Shins, The Fall, and many others
Print Dan Chaon - debut novel reviewed in the Times
July 9, 2004
Tech Oddhoo? - i bet this kind of press release will soon be nothing more than a fond memory...
Tech ArtsJournal Blogs - art, culture, music, dance, etc.
Print Iowa City - NYT visits the home of the Writers' Workshop
Misc Funfurde - furniture and design blog
Food Jamie Oliver - the naked web site
Print Blogger Booklist - summer reading links and kottke's followup comment thread
July 8, 2004
Tech Michael Moore - started a blog on July 4
Tech Bloggers Burnout - Wired states the obvious
July 7, 2004
Tech commute - going to work in nyc
Tech Winnebago Man - not since Kasey Kasem...
Food Asian Ribs - very sweet
Tech Spider-Man 2 - done entirely with Legos
Print Words of Tomorrow - McSweeney's will soon publish The Future Dictonary of America
Music Annotated Beastie Boys - dropping some science on BB lyrics
Music Joanna Newsom - harpist, warbler, great lyricist -- in heavy rotation here at Nug HQ
Music ASCII Rock Vids - MIDI + ASCII = FUN
July 6, 2004
Music Eruption - Van Halen via violin
TV The Spec Spot - the best we've got since adcritic went pay?
Tech 1980s Videogames - play 'em in your browser
Music Franz Ferdinand - live mp3s from Glastonbury 2004
July 5, 2004
Print Giant Robot - article from the NYT on their 10th anniversary
Music Fat Planet - "new international music" mp3 blog
July 2, 2004
Misc Rock Paper Saddam - funny funny funny
July 1, 2004
Tech Sync - YA consumer electronics mag, this one with Pete Rojas on the masthead
Music pitchformula - reverse-engineering indie rock from pitchforkmedia reviews
Music For Stars - 2 tracks from the new album, which dropped this week.
Music SomaFM - net radio station recently featured in SF Chronicle
Music Rilo Kiley - new songs, ripped from KCRW
June 30, 2004
TV Kids In The Hall - The Onion A/V Club interview
Film Little Quill - help finance a documentary on The Wrens
Music Pink Grease - retro-rock-tronica sounds a little like Duran Duran
Food Felice - a restaurant non-review from the NYT
June 29, 2004
Print The Walt Whitman Archive - poems, manuscripts, and even audio
Music Listen to This - Cool Tools recommends a book on pop music
Food Weird Foods - alternative cuisines from around the world [site currently hosed]
June 28, 2004
TV Surfergirl - TV/pop-cult blog from Slate
Music Sasha Frere-Jones - another (New Yorker) music writer
Music The Rest is Noise - Alex Ross, music writer for The New Yorker
June 27, 2004
June 23, 2004