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The House of Sand and Fog - Vadim Perelman
How's Your News? - Arthur Bradford
Jackie Brown - Quentin Tarantino
Pride and Prejudice - Simon Langton
Dogtown and Z-Boys - Stacy Peralta
Unprecedented - Richard Perez and Joan Sekler
Adaptation - Charlie Kaufman
M*A*S*H - Robert Altman
Chopper - Eric Bana
Let America Laugh - David Cross
My Best Fiend - Werner Herzog
Tron - Steven Lisberger
Trekkies - Roger Nygard
Hedwig and the Angry Inch - J. C. Mitchell & S. Trask
The General - Buster Keaton
Sirens - John Duigan
When the Cat's Away - Cédric Klapisch
Good Morning - Yasujiro Ozu
The Red Shoes - Powell & Pressburger
Jesus' Son - Alison Maclean
Ghost World - Terry Zwigoff
The Castle - Rob Sitch
Paths of Glory - Stanley Kubrick
Don't Look Back - D.A. Pennebaker
Fahrenheit 451 - François Truffaut
Mon Oncle - Jacques Tati
State of Grace - Phil Joanou
The Deer Hunter - Michael Cimino
Wonder Boys - Curtis Hanson
Desperado - Robert Rodriguez
Kadosh - Amos Gitai
La Lectrice - Michel Deville
My Neighbor Totoro - Hayao Miyazaki
Gold Diggers of 1933 - Busby Berkeley
Repo Man - Alex Cox
You Can Count on Me - Kenneth Lonergan
Without Limits - Robert Towne
Deep Cover - Bill Duke
Used Cars - Robert Zemeckis
Mansfield Park - Patricia Rozema
Urgh! A Music War - Derek Burbidge
A New Leaf - Elaine May
Vanishing Point - Richard C. Sarafian
High Fidelity - Stephen Frears
My Life as a Dog - Lasse Hallström
Breaker Morant - Bruce Beresford
Dracula - Tod Browning
Taste of Cherry - Abbas Kiarostami
Groundhog Day - Harold Ramis
The Long Good Friday - Bob Hoskins
Highway 61 - Bruce McDonald
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town - Frank Capra
Antonia's Line - Marleen Gorris
Blue - Krzysztof Kieslowski
The King of Comedy - Martin Scorsese
The Distinguished Gentleman - Jonathan Lynn
Ikiru - Akira Kurosawa
Tombstone - Val Kilmer
Dick - Andrew Fleming
Barton Fink - The Coen Brothers
Some Like It Hot - Billy Wilder
The Third Man - Carol Reed
The Night of the Hunter - Charles Laughton
Alphaville - Jean-Luc Godard
Harold and Maude - Hal Ashby
Being There - Peter Sellers
Dogma - Kevin Smith
The Conversation - Francis Ford Coppola
Run Lola Run - Tom Tykwer
Joe Versus the Volcano - John Patrick Shanley
Out of Sight - Steven Soderbergh
42 Up - Michael Apted
The Candidate - Michael Ritchie
Brazil - Terry Gilliam
Fallen Angels - Wong Kar-Wai
The Celebration - Thomas Vinterberg
Starstruck - Gillian Armstrong
Young Frankenstein - Mel Brooks
Holy Smoke - Jane Campion
The Ladykillers - Alexander Mackendrick
Breaking the Waves - Lars von Trier
Twin Falls Idaho - Mark and Michael Polish
Fishing With Gandhi - Gabe Weisert
The Beachcomber - Erich Pommer
Heavy Metal - Ivan Reitman
Cradle Will Rock - Tim Robbins
Fandango - Kevin Costner
Stop Making Sense - Talking Heads
Wonderland - John O'Hagan
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Kristy Swanson
The Big Lebowski - The Coen Brothers
The Grifters - Stephen Frears
A Christmas Story - Jean Shepherd
Marty - Ernest Borgnine
Hideous Kinky - Gillies MacKinnon
Three Seasons - Tony Bui
The Daytrippers - Greg Mottola
Lulu on the Bridge - Paul Auster
Shakes the Clown - Bobcat Goldthwait
Little Voice - Jane Horrocks
The Kingdom - Lars von Trier
Limbo - John Sayles
The Blair Witch Project - Eduardo Sanchez & Daniel Myrick
The Cruise - Bennett Miller
The Thin Man - William Powell / Myrna Loy
Full Metal Jacket - Stanley Kubrick
The Sweet Hereafter - Atom Egoyan
Burnt by the Sun - Nikita Mikhalkov
Repulsion - Roman Polanski
Eight Men Out - John Sayles
Aguirre, the Wrath of God - Klaus Kinski
In the Company of Men - Neil LaBute
Dog Day Afternoon - Sidney Lumet
Things Change - Don Ameche / Joe Mantegna
Blowup - Michelangelo Antonioni
La Femme Nikita - Luc Besson
Annie Hall - Woody Allen
Schizopolis - Steven Soderbergh
Shallow Grave - Danny Boyle
Silence of the Lambs - Jonathan Demme
Tampopo - Juzo Itami
Raising Arizona - The Coen Brothers
Cronos - Guillermo del Toro
Ridicule - Patrice Laconte
Touch of Evil - Orson Welles
GoodFellas - Martin Scorsese
Zentropa - Lars von Trier
Hard Eight - Philip Baker Hall
The Indian Runner - Sean Penn
Psycho - Alfred Hitchcock
Lonely Are the Brave - Kirk Douglas
The Wild Bunch - Sam Peckinpah
The Hustler - Paul Newman
Withnail and I - Bruce Robinson
Bastard Out of Carolina - Angelica Huston
L.A. Confidential - James Ellroy / Curtis Hanson
Safe - Todd Haynes
Singin' in the Rain - Gene Kelly
Chinatown - Jack Nicholson
Blade Runner - Ridley Scott
Walkabout - Nic Roeg
Way Out West - Laurel and Hardy
Bottle Rocket - Owen Wilson
Freeway - Reese Witherspoon

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