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icon Comics October 5, 2004
Gary Larson
The Complete Far Side

If you've been missing The Far Side since the brilliant one-panel strip went off the air in 1995, here's your chance to relive the magic. Of course, you'll need to hit the gym before attempting to heft either one of the two 10-pound volumes. Still, it's well worth the effort to down some Wheaties, strain a muscle, and get the chance to dive into Larson's truly perverse menagerie of dinosaurs, giant insects, cavemen, and bespectacled housewives with beehive hair-dos. Each and every one of the artist's more that 4,000 panels is lovingly reproduced, including many that are presented in color for the first time. This hardback edition is such a gorgeous set, but it's surely for the serious collector. Casual fans should definitely wait for the paperback.

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