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Print Print September 16, 2004
Micah Ian Wright
You Back the Attack!
We'll Bomb Who We Want!


Former U.S. Army Ranger Television writer and animator Micah Ian Wright had a moment of clarity in 1989 after witnessing the effects of stray American bombs on a poor residential neighborhood during the invasion of Panama. The culmination of that disillusionment is this clever and chilling book of "remixed war propaganda." Forty pieces of vintage World War Two artwork with Wright's new text are accompanied by commentary from the Center for Constitutional Rights. The original posters are included, so you can see that the source for Wright's pre-Abu Ghraib "Torture Works!" poster urged 1940s factory workers to guard against industrial accidents. A foreward by Kurt Vonnegut and an introduction by Howard Zinn are also included.

You Back the Attack! lives in the Print category

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