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Print Magazine September 1, 2004
Julie Lasky
I.D. magazine

There are some magazines I won't subscribe to. I.D. is at the top of that very short list. You see, magazine subscriptions sometimes arrive after the current issue has hit the newsstand. Tragic, but true. I never want to be a position to have to pass up a copy of I.D. just because I've got one coming in the mail. In any case, why am I so fond of the International Design Magazine? After all, I'm not a designer. To put it in the words of editor-in-chief Julie Lasky, "almost everything has to do with design." Happily, I.D. feels free explore the whole spectrum of human creativity, whether it's Lasky's wonderful comparison of Michael Moore's recent documentary and the book that inspired it, or amazing design competitions that offer dozens of awe-inspiring objects and ideas, or just design-focussed reviews of products, books, exhibitions, web sites, and more. The look of I.D. is just what you'd expect -- it's well designed, but not overdesigned. It's definitely not "design for design's sake." It's just a design for a really good magazine.

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