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Film Road Movie September 14, 2004
Arthur Bradford
How's Your News?

If you're not nervous about watching a comic documentary starring a cast of disabled reporters who hit the road to do a series of "man on the street" spots, you're a braver moviegoer than I. That said, all How's Your News? really asks for is a little bit of trust. Suspend your worries about exploitation and embarassment and you'll be rewarded with a beautiful film full of humor and not an ounce of humiliation. The reporters from Camp Jabberwocky are peculiar, persistent, and, truth be told, a lot more compelling than most of the people you'll see facing the camera on TV news shows. The DVD, which was just released by Shout Factory, has a wealth of extras, including audio commentary, the original "pilot," a segment from This American Life, and reporter Ron Simonsen's interview with his idol, Chad Everett. Also of note are the recent exploits of the How's Your News crew, who continue to pound the pavement in search of stories and have just finished covering both the Democratic and Republican conventions.

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