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Film Documentary August 18, 2004
Richard Perez and Joan Sekler

While it unfolded, I was enjoying the 2000 election as entertainment, while not particularly enjoying it as an indicator of my country's electoral health. Of course, I had no idea how bad things actually were. Even if you think you know what happened in Florida in 2000, see this short film. The scene where the filmmakers provide the identities for the "protesters" at the local election board meeting (they were all Capitol Hill staffers) is just the sort of news that mainstream media seems to miss. How come Tom Brokaw never comes across with a good, old-fashioned "gotcha" moment? Too upsetting for prime-time advertisers? Well, thankfully, there are still investigative filmmakers like Perez and Sekler to augment the news we get from the Daily Show. No matter which side of the political spectrum you're on, you've got to appreciate someone who actually chases down the details.

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