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TV TV Show August 23, 2004
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

The nugget was on hiatus when Queer Eye fever swept the land, and it's a good thing, since we were swooning with the disease just like everyone else. Of course, now that the hype has subsided, we can give a level-headed appraisal of this makeover show's true value: "It is, simply put, the greatest television show of all time." Okay, we're embellishing (or "jhuzjing the truth"), but even when things on the show go bad, it's all good. The concept is pitiably simple. Gay men makeover straight men. (And boy do the straight men need it.) However, it's that ineffable quality known as "chemistry" that makes Queer Eye so appealing. Ted, Kyan, Carson, Tom, and Jai hit just the right notes, with the straight guys and with each other, and it doesn't matter how many times they keep hitting them, they sound great.

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