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TV Pilot August 3, 2004
Ben Stiller
Heat Vision and Jack

This unaired half-hour comedy was shot in 1999, starring Jack Black, Owen Wilson, Ron Silver, Stiller, and Christine Taylor. Heat Vision (Wilson) is a talking motorcyle (long story) ridden by super-intelligent fugitve astronaut Jack Austin (Black) who is being chased by Hollywood actor / NASA heavy Ron Silver (Silver). Suffice to say, it's a shame this yuk-fest never got a chance on network television. We need more shows about talking motor vehicles. It's hard to say if the most intriguing aspect of Heat Vision is the over-the-top Sid and Marty Krofft visual style, the cult-like following it spawned, or the fact that the show managed to jump the shark about 12 minutes into its first episode. My advice: grab a BitTorrent client, download Heat Vision and Jack, and decide for yourself.

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