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Music Soundtrack August 25, 2004
Ghost Dog Soundtrack

The film Ghost Dog is vintage Jim Jarmusch, and by that I mean it's very strange. Which is not to say it isn't enjoyable. Forrest Whitaker is oddly appealing as an ascetic hit-man who quotes Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai. However, the most lasting question many viewers will have is: "Who did the killer soundtrack?" Answer: RZA, founding producer of the Wu-Tang Clan. Since Ghost Dog, he's scored Kill Bill and Blade Trinity, played a small role in Jarmusch's latest, Coffee and Cigarettes, and helmed his own Kung Fu movie. Unfortunately for iPod enthusiasts, the best way to hear the music from Ghost Dog may be to watch the film itself, since neither the domestic nor the Japanese import soundtrack has gotten the nod from hard-core afficianados.

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