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Print Column August 27, 2004
Rob Walker
The New York Times Magazine

I used to get the Sunday New York Times, until they switched delivery services and the new management decided I only wanted to read the paper one weekend out of three. Actually, on a percentage basis, they weren't far off. Most of the Old Gray Lady used to sit unopened on my Old Green Couch while I skimmed a few sections and eventually made my way to the best part -- "Consumed," a column in the magazine by Rob Walker that looks at the products people buy, sell, covet, market, and generally place at the center of our materialistic little lives. The columns are always packed with unique information about the products, which run the gamut from dish soap to dolls, from plasma screens to pimped rides. Add Walker's subtle wit and keen insights on the appeal of certain products and you've got a journalistic product well worth its modest price tag. Check it out on Walker's site, at the Times online, or, if you're feeling lucky, get the Sunday paper delivered right to your door.

Consumed lives in the Print category

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