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TV TV Show July 26, 2004
Steve Lipscomb
World Poker Tour
Travel Channel

Okay, everyone knows it: Poker is hot. What was once just an innocent pastime between friends has blossomed into a multibillion dollar Internet phenomenon and broadcast entertainment juggernaut. And while escalating celebrity involvement usually signals the imminent decline of any interesting cultural trend, there is still a fair chance (AK vs. pocket 4s) that poker on television will still be around when Ben Affleck decides to go back to his day job. If it does, it will be thanks to the players on the World Poker Tour. Notice, I said the players. Not the seizure-inducing lights. Not the witless commentary by Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten. (Of course, no one's complaining about Shana Hiatt.) Yes, the players that reach the final tables of the WPT are a rag-tag crew of grizzled poker pros, online wunderkind, and home-game heroes. You couldn't cast it better if you tried.... which is why WPT's Hollywood Home Game should immediately be put out to pasture.

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