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Film Film July 6, 2004
Roger Nygard

There's a genre of non-fiction film that I like to call freakumentaries. Ironically, the starting point for the genre is Spinal Tap, a work of fictional brilliance. From there, however, the truth proves much, much stranger and funnier than fiction. From Dancing Outlaw to Karaoke Fever to Word Wars to Tribute, there is a seemingly endless parade of bizarre subcultures ready for their close-ups. Of course, none may be more bizarre than the menagerie of space cadets in Trekkies. Meet Gabriel, the kid who's shooting a Star Trek movie on his computer. Book an appointment with Denis, the Star Trek dentist. And, above all else, consider it your duty to deliberate the finer points of space exploration with Barbara Adams, the "Lieutenant Commander" who serves on an Arkansas jury while decked out in full Starfleet uniform. Best of all, after seven long years of searching, our scanners are finally picking up a sequel.

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