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Music Music July 5, 2004
Giant Sand
The Love Songs

"A nightmare is just a dream that's scary."

-- lyric from "Mad Dog a Man."

This was the breakthrough record for Giant Sand. The Love Songs was where it all started to fall gloriously apart. While the song structures still echo conventional forms, this disc offers a lot of instances of zigging where most bands would zag. You'll hear brisk tempo changes, like an engine shifting gears. You'll hear Howe Gelb speaking some lines, rather than singing, adding a directness that's galvanizing, like a preacher switching from crooning to commanding. You'll hear just plain great songs, like "Almost the Politician's Wife" and "Wearing the Robes of Bible Black." There are dozens more Giant Sand albums to discover, but Love Songs is a great place to start.

The Love Songs lives in the Music category

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