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Misc Comedian July 11, 2004
Steve Coogan

Before Ricky Gervais created the despicably funny David Brent on The Office, Steve Coogan had already perfected the art of behaving badly for big laughs. His radio sportscaster / failed talk-show host / graveyard-shift DJ Alan Partridge is not only deadpan hilarious, but also somehow endearing despite his astonishing lack of savoir faire. For the best of Partridge, you may have to do some detective work, since his BBC shows Knowing Me, Knowing You and I'm Alan Partridge haven't been released stateside. However, you can get a taste of Coogan's brilliance in 24-Hour Party People, the Michael Winterbottom film about the Manchester music scene and Tony Wilson's Factory Records. Rent Party People, dig up some Partridge, and hope and pray that more of Coogan's characters eventually end up on a screen near you.

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