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Print Magazine July 16, 2004
Eric Nakamura, et. al.
Giant Robot

They've been around for ten years, and if you haven't gotten an issue of Giant Robot during that span then a. you're seriously behind the curve and b. you should go out and get their 10th anniversary issue. For the most part, trying to describe Giant Robot with any kind of specificity usually results in misdescribing Giant Robot. In their self-retrospective section, they even call out the 14 most wrongheaded comments about the magazine, starting with "If you're not Asian, you won't understand it." I have to give a great big "amen" to that one. If you live in the world today with your eyes and ears open, you're most likely experiencing culture with Asian flavor. If not, you're missing out. In any case, Giant Robot has an editiorial aura unlike just about any magazine in the world -- intelligent, funny, demanding, yet always generous. Pick it up at mag-racks everywhere, or better yet, get a copy at one of their ("I must buy everything in sight") stores in Los Angeles or San Francisco.

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