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Tech Web Site July 25, 2004
Joshua Schacter

There have been online bookmark sites before, with the value proposition usually being access to your important sites from any machine -- home, work, on the road. If that's what you want to use for, feel free, but the site's other features are far more enticing. With, you are entering the world of "social bookmarks" -- where your selections are added to the set of public bookmarks that is accessible to anyone who visits the site. If you tag your marks ("music" or "politics" or "design" or any other word you choose) then they show up in the appropriate category pages, again accessible to everyone. So not only do we have a place for our stuff, but we have a place to discover other people's stuff. If a lot of people bookmark a site within 24 hours, it shows up in the "popular" set. Plus you can subscribe to any of these sets via RSS or within your own personalized subscription page. If that weren't enough, you can also browse or subscribe to individual's bookmarks, say Kevan Davis or Clay Shirky. If that weren't enough, you can integrate boomarks into your own site. If that weren't enough, people are always coming up with cool extensions to the universe. When people join together, powerful things can happen. lives in the Tech category

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