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Misc Designers July 19, 2004
Charles and Ray Eames

We're suckers for visionary multidisciplinary artists here at the Nugget. And if you had to look for a prototype, this married couple might be it. They designed magazine covers, toys, films, buildings, courseware, and, of course, furniture. Much of their work has become part of the definition of "20th century." The first photobloggers? Not quite, but the Eames' collection of 350,000 slides is easy to link to the far-ranging online photostreams that are being curated today. How about their ground-breaking film Powers of Ten? Tell me that wouldn't be meme of the year if it came out today. Lucky for us, the legacy of Charles and Ray Eames is being carried on and many of their films, photos, and furniture designs are still readily available.

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