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Tech Online Game July 11, 2003
The Pixie Pit

Everyone knows Scrabble. But did you know that you can play Scrabble online? At the Pixie Pit, two to four players can match crossword wits using a unique web-and-email system. The site offers all the usual Scrabble fun -- triple word scores, 7-letter bingos, getting stuck with the Q. One of the best features is asynchronous play -- competitors don't have to be online at the same time, allowing everyone to move as quickly (or slowly) as they like. Plus you'll find a built-in Scrabble dictionary, which is a blessing, since you know you'd just end up bookmarking anyway. The site is an awesome feat of programming, it's free, and -- fair warning -- it's completely addictive. If you do play, and get hooked, think about donating some cash to keep the site going.

Scrabble lives in the Tech category

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