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Tech Web Game December 3, 2001
Swirve Games
Earth 2025

It's armageddon on the web. Brought to you by, Earth 2025 may be the most addictive interactive game going. Build up your country's prosperity and military, then go to war! Every couple months the slate is wiped clean and you start over. The "tournament" version keeps track of your rank and puts you into a new round with others who did as well as you. Use your military to grab land and money from weaker opponents and build your empire. Balance your research, farms, economy, military production, and most importantly, your alliances as you navigate treacherous politics and master the art of growing bigger without getting noticed by the "big fish" in the world of Earth 2025. Caution: don't start this game if you are closely supervised at work. You'll won't be able to log off once you start.

Earth 2025 lives in the Tech category

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