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Film Film October 3, 2001
Cédric Klapisch
When the Cat's Away

Garance Clavel is Chloe, a young Parisian make-up artist who needs a cat-sitter so she can go on a long overdue vacation. With a little help from her neighbors she finds Madame Renee, the local cat lady, who agrees to take care of Gris-Gris only to lose him by the time Chloe returns. In this short-turned-into-feature, Chloe's search for her cat is simultaneously an exploration of the tension between the old and the new in the Bastille district of Paris and of the challenges of navigating relationships as a single woman. A theater actress by training, Clavel shines in her first film role, using facial expressions and body language to convey the emotional angst and eventual ecstasy of Chloe's process of discovery.

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