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Print Play January 26, 2001
Maria Irene Fornes
Fefu and Her Friends

Fefu and Her Friends follows eight women throughout the rooms of a house on a single spring day in 1935. It's impossible to convey the emotions that this play conjures up, or even what it's about, really. But here are some words that one might use in the attempt: Avant-garde, absurd, insightful, honest, engaging, disturbing, outrageous, hilarious.

FEFU: ... A black cat started coming to my kitchen. He's awfully mangled and big. He is missing an eye and his skin is diseased. At first I was repelled by him, but then, I thought, this is a monster that has been sent to me and I must feed him. And I fed him. One day he came and shat all over my kitchen. Foul diarrhea. He still comes and I still feed him. I am afraid of him. (Emma kisses Fefu) How about a little lemonade?

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