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Tech Web Site July 28, 2000
The Simpsons Archive

Diehard Simpsons fans have long used the Internet for critiquing episodes and discussing favorite characters. In the early days, the conversation was limited to a couple of Usenet newsgroups. Today, we have the Simpsons Archive -- a massive collaboration that offers an exhaustive, ever-growing concordance of all things Simpson. The searchable episode capsules are great if you're looking for specific Homer/Barney dialogue, while the FAQs, guides, and lists will prove invaluable as you research your doctoral thesis on "The Fin de Siecle Rebirth of the Prime-Time Cartoon." Does the world really need a complete list of Bart's chalkboard openings? Maybe not. But it's a comfort just to know it's there.

The Simpsons Archive lives in the Tech category

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