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Misc Hoaxster June 22, 2000
Joey Skaggs

Since the late '60s, Joey Skaggs has been perpetrating elaborate hoaxes on the media. Take 1976's "Cathouse for Dogs," where it was rumored pet owners could bring their dogs for sexual fulfillment. After the hysteria died down, Skaggs calmly revealed the hoax, much to the dismay of the many reporters who had conveniently neglected to confirm the basic facts of the story. More recent Skaggs stunts include "Fish Condos" and last year's "STOP BioPEEP," which described a virus that could addict consumers to any product. Whether you love him or hate him, the self-proclaimed "media activist" inevitably makes you stop, take notice, react, and maybe, just maybe, consider the world a little more clearly.

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