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Print Comics February 16, 2000
George Herriman
Krazy Kat:
The Comic Art of George Herriman


You have written truth, you friends of the "shadows," yet be not harsh with "Krazy." He is but a shadow himself caught in the web of this mortal skein. We call him "Cat." We call him "Crazy." Yet he is neither. At some time will he ride away to you, people of the twilight. His password will be the echoes of a vesper bell, his coach a zephyr from the west. Forgive him, for you will understand him no better than we who linger on this side of the pale.
        -- George Herriman, 1917

Have you read and re-read all your Calvin and Hobbes until the pages are fading? Go to the source.

Krazy Kat lives in the Print category

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