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Music Music December 3, 1999
Drive Like Jehu
Yank Crime

DLJ offers orchestral guitar-mashing reminiscent of Glenn Branca, just without the atonality. Yank Crime showcases Jehu at their best, before they drifted off into Rocket from the Crypt and other less satisfying bands.

Do You Compute

Do you compute?
I think you do
Don't need it proven
Don't wanna listen
Don't need a tour of the pieces I'm missing
As if you were put here to straighten us out
And everything you said was being written down
You weren't and it isn't and nobody's listening,
And nobody gives a fuck
     what you go do with your life.

[Editor's note: Bill Boggs adds, "Dude, Steve's high. This is the Jehu album you really want." Of course, we only let him chime in on the matter because he has spent some quality time in San Diego, in a punk band, engaging in orchestral guitar-mashing.]

Yank Crime lives in the Music category

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