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Music Music September 24, 1999
Guided By Voices
Do The Collapse

GBV main-man Robert Pollard says he wants a hit record. Who wouldn't? Of course, anybody who cares about music knows that hit records aren't necessarily good records. Cross a beloved indie band with a bigtime producer and longtime fans can't wait to cry "sell-out!" Luckily, Pollard and Ric Ocasek don't give them the chance. While Bob delivers the most consistent songs of his career, Ric gives them a big, clean sound, and then gets out of the way. Yes, there are a few new-wave keyboard parts, but they're more Candy-O
than Heartbeat City. Sure, Do The Collapse isn't Bee Thousand, but that's alright -- while break-throughs are sweet, follow-throughs may be sweeter. And it just might be a hit.

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