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Print Pieces March 30, 1998
Sam Shepard
Motel Chronicles

Shepard, best known for his plays, has also published several collections of monologues, poems, and short autobiographical fiction. Motel Chronicles, the second such collection, is a quick, breezy, fun read.

"Me and Tim Ford stole a car once in San Bernadino. One of those early Austin Healeys with red leather tuck and roll and wire wheels. It was just sitting there with the keys in it behind an A and W Root Beer Stand.
  At first we were just going to drive it around for a while then leave it on the other side of town but we ended up heading for Mexico instead. Tim had this idea that we needed to get some false ID so we could drink in bars and buy beer in liquor stores without getting hassled. He said he knew about this guy in Tijuana who forged the date of birth on your driver's license and that there was no way of telling it from the real thing. He said it was cheap too."


Motel Chronicles lives in the Print category

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