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Print Zine March 3, 1998
Mike McGonigal
Chemical Imbalance

For over a decade, McGonigal put out this insanely dense magazine called Chemical Imbalance that, as he explains in the final issue, "attempted to mix art, writing, comics, and music stuff at a time when this seemed like a good new idea." Fact is, it's still a good idea, and the world is a duller place now that Imbalance is just a memory. Luckily, McGonigal goes on, contributing insightful, enthusiastic features to outlets like Raygun and CDNow. For a taste of the glory that was CI, write McGonigal for a copy of the last issue -- the one with the 24-track CD that includes cuts from Low Barlow, The Grifters, Built to Spill, and a whole bunch of other cool bands that I'd know little or nothing about if it weren't for Mike. Chemical Imbalance, Vol. 3. #1 w/CD, $10,

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