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Print Play January 20, 1998
Arthur Miller
Death of a Salesman

Here is Miller's greatest creation: the Loman family, patron saints of failed ambition. When it appeared in 1949, Death of a Salesman won both the New York Drama Critics Circle Award and the Pulitzer Prize.

HAPPY, moving about with energy, expressiveness: All I can do now is wait for the merchandise manager to die. And suppose I get to be the merchandise manager? He's a good friend of mine, and he just built a terrific estate on Long Island. And he lived there about two months and sold it, and now he's building another one. He can't enjoy it once it's finished. And I know that's just what I would do. I don't know what the hell I'm workin' for. Sometimes I sit in my apartment--all alone. And I think of the rent I'm paying. And it's crazy. But then, it's what I always wanted. My own apartment, a car, and plenty of women. And still, goddammit, I'm lonely.


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