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Tech Web Site December 22, 1997
Michael Sippey
Stating the Obvious

There is a practice in the publishing world derisely known as "logrolling," where authors offer effusive praise for the works of their friends who also happen to be writers. And while it's often viewed as some kind of artistic collusion, what most people don't realize is that writers usually seek out the friendship of writers for whose work they would gladly offer effusive praise. All of this is to say that the fact that Michael Sippey's words have appeared in the Media Nugget shouldn't keep you from trusting us when we say: "Sippey's one of the best writers the Net has to offer." Okay, don't take our word for it, just read his site, Stating the Obvious, which is updated regularly each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Stating the Obvious lives in the Tech category

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